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You have hopes and dreams for your future career. We have the tools and training necessary for you to achieve them. Are you ready to put in the work? At OCPS Tech Centers, we are your stepping stone to opportunity, stability, and a more confident, competitive career path. Wherever you’re headed, the more than 50 certified career programs at OCPS serve as a solid foundation to what’s next. It’s time to rethink higher education and career training. Because expensive doesn’t always mean better.

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Schannel Tracey

Culinary Arts Program

Schannel never knew that her passion for cooking could be nurtured into a full-time career. Thanks to the affordable culinary arts program offered at OCPS Tech Centers, her training wasn’t just fully accredited, it was affordable. See how she found a family at OCPS and discovered a creative outlet that became a fulfilling, life-changing career.

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Christian Zayas

Welding Program

Christian floated from one unfulfilling job to another before realizing that he could get career training doing what he loved at OCPS Tech Centers. As a licensed welder, his career options are wide open. See how OCPS changed his career path for a fraction of the cost of other comparable schools.

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Mary Coppock

Health Unit Coordination Program

Mary faced numerous challenges as an adult student before discovering the opportunities at OCPS Tech Centers, including falling into the trap of paying for an expensive degree from an non-accredited institution. See how OCPS provided Mary with a stepping stone to a better place in her life.

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How we measure up.

Consistently, our graduates complete their certified programs debt-free, thanks to the most competitive tuition rates in Central Florida. Imagine being fully prepared for your new career without owing a dime in student debt. Here’s how our programs compare to other similar schools in the area:

Digital Arts/Multimedia Design program image

Digital Arts/Multimedia Design

From digital audio production and video, to graphic design and photography, our Digital Arts and Multimedia Design programs prepare students for exciting careers in the media industry. OCPS is an Apple-certified Training Center and most credits may be articulated to AS degree programs at Valencia College. Learn More

Us: $4,500 Them: $74,500

Automotive Service Technology program image

Automotive Service Technology

Get the accredited skills and training you need to be a frontrunner in the fast-paced automotive industry. Our program’s instruction, course of study, facilities, and equipment have all been approved by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence Standards of Quality (ASE) for the training of Automobile Technicians.Learn More

Us: $5,870 Them: $40,000

Cosmetology program image


Got a passion for making people look and feel their best? Adhering to all Florida cosmetology laws and rules, our Cosmetology program is designed to provide you with incredible opportunities in this exciting and competitive industry. You’ll master technique, develop new skills, and learn to become a consummate professional in your specialization. Learn More

Us: $4,562 Them: $21,000

Practical Nursing program image

Practical Nursing

Receive the certified training you need to make a difference in the medical field. Training includes but is not limited to theoretical instruction and clinical experience in acute, subacute, and long-term care facilities, as well as care of obstetric, pediatric, and geriatric patients. The program is offered in both traditional classrooms and online learning settings. Learn More

Us: $5,000 Them: $24,550

Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts program image

Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts

You’ll have all the right ingredients for a flavor-filled career when you enroll in our Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts program. From preparation, selection, and presentation, to communication and leadership skills, our campus kitchens are open and ready to train future chefs and restaurant managers. When your program is complete, you’ll be prepared to take certification exams from ServSafe, American Culinary Federation, and ProStart. Learn More

Us: $5,817 Them: $74,500

Medical Administrative Specialist program image

Medical Administrative Specialist

You’ll be ready to take on medical industry when you enroll in our Medical Administrative Specialist program. Instructors use real-world teaching methods to prepare students for rewarding careers in a variety of clerical, secretarial, and administrative support positions in the medical field. You’ll complete the program with a solid knowledge of medical terminology, support systems, software applications, and medical billing applications. Learn More

Us: $4,240 Them: $16,332

Dental Assistant program image

Dental Assistant

Accredited by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation, you’ll be fully prepared for a successful career when you complete our Dental Assistant program. Graduates receive the Florida Expanded Functions Certificate and are required to take the Dental Assisting National Board Examination for certification to be a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA), Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB) Learn More

Us: $5,579 Them: $16,500

Computer Systems & Information Technology program image

Computer Systems & Information Technology

Opportunity is plentiful when you complete our Computer Systems & Information Technology program. The curriculum focuses on broad, transferrable skills and stresses an understanding of many areas of the IT industry, including technical and product skills, underlying principles of technology, planning, management, finance, labor issues, community issues and health, safety, and environmental issues. Learn More

Us: $3,244 Them: $9,500

Commercial Vehicle Driving program image

Commercial Vehicle Driving

Get your career moving at highway speeds with our Commercial Vehicle Driving program. You’ll be trained to operate trucks and buses handling large cargo on busy transportation routes, as well as learn skills in reporting delays, accidents, and record keeping. After successfully completing the Commercial Vehicle Driving program, you’ll be fully prepared for the Florida Class “B” License Exam. Learn More

Us: $2,100 Them: $5,000

Medical Billing and Coding program image

Medical Billing and Coding

A critical role in the medical industry, billing and coding careers require essential skills and training like medical terminology, pharmacology, data processing, and record keeping. Our Medical Billing and Coding programs will prepare you for success with the analytical and technical skills required to meet the needs of today’s evolving healthcare industry. Learn More

Us: $5,140 Them: $15,800

Patient Care Assistant program image

Patient Care Assistant

Our Patient Care Assistant program prepares students for successful careers as nursing assistants, patient care assistants, and home health aides. The course of study places strict emphasis on the nurse-patient relationship, sterilization procedures, and patient assistance techniques. When complete, you’ll be eligible to take the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam by the Florida Department of Health. Learn More

Us: $1,560 Them: $5,000

Hospitality and Lodging Operations program image

Hospitality and Lodging Operations

Learn the essential skills and processes needed for a successful career in the hotel and resort industry though our Hospitality and Lodging Operations program. Real-world, on-the-job training prepares students for jobs as entry-level line supervisors and hotel management, developed to the high standards of the Central Florida regions, the largest tourist destination in the United States. Learn More

Us: $2,154 Them: $9,400

Surgical Technology program image

Surgical Technology

Ready to play a critical role in the OR? The mission of our Surgical Technology program is to prepare students for careers as Certified Surgical Technologists and to also provide supplemental training for students who are previously or currently employed in the field. Clinical learning experiences in an operating room and related areas are an integral part of this rewarding program. Learn More

Us: $5,314 Them: $22,000

Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts program image

Massage Therapy

Our licensed Massage Therapy program emphasizes anatomy, physiology, pathology, and practice of technique. It is approved by the Board of Massage Therapy, Florida Department of Health, and adheres to strict curriculum standards developed by the Board. When completing the program you’ll be eligible to become a licensed massage therapist by the Florida Department of Health. Learn More

Us: $3,230 Them: $18,000

Web Development program image

Web Development

Why pay more to learn web development at other schools when our program uses the same exact tools and technology, taught by experienced instructors who live and breathe the craft daily? This challenging program provides students with the technical and creative skills necessary to be a competitive force in a variety of workplace environments as a web designer. Learn More

Us: $3,560 Them: $74,500

Costs are estimates/approximations, the above information is based on compaison of OCPS certificates to varying types of degrees.

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“It was really good to have that hands on experience and be in a real situation. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable; the whole program tailors you for the job.”

-Candace, Pastry Chef

Student Headshot

“Everything about the program prepared me for the job. The certification has allowed me to gain work experience that I wouldn’t have been able to get.”

-Anthony, Pharmacy Technician

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“OCPS abre puertas; no solo ayudándome a aprender a hablar inglés, sino también a obtener un trabajo.” “OCPS opens doors; not only helping me learn to speak English, but also to get a job.”

-Patricia, Web Designer

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“I wanted to do something career-wise while I was still in high school. The certification was my first true exposure in industry and has taken me where I am today.”

-Herna, Resort Assistant Manager

Student Headshot

“A lot of skills I learned at school carry over into the job. Having certifications definitely opens doors.”

-Cameron, Video Production Intern

Student Headshot

“The instructors made you feel that if you put in the effort, you would be able to succeed in the industry.”

-Aaron, Auto Body Repairer

Student Headshot

“My little license has helped me travel around the world. The curriculum is so fantastic and spot on when it comes to what to expect when you’re ready to graduate and go into the workforce.”

-Naomi, Nail Technician

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OCPS Tech Centers approaches education differently from other schools. Our programs are designed to emulate true, real-world situations. Our certified instructors aren’t just teaching, they are mentoring and preparing every student for a bright, opportunity-filled future. And at only $2.80 per hour for Florida residents, that’s a future without financial worry.